VITAE PROJECT is a science and art project, which seeks to unite people across the 7 continents around a participatory sculpture, breathing and visible from Earth at selected moments.
The sculpture contains a million handprints, collected around the world.


Vitae is a living sculpture realised for a lunar environment in shape memory material reacting to heat.


Astrophysicist, Research Director Emeritus at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research),  Honorary President of the French National Commission for the UNESCO, President of the association Prévenance

« Both of the 21th century projects concerning Man’s direct exploration of our spatial environment are on one hand, the return of cosmonauts on the Moon – a long journey of about 400 000 km – and on the other hand a mission consisting of a manned flight to Mars, when the latter will be closest to Earth (55 million km, nevertheless!). Actually, these two projects are not independent one from the other, since this second journey should logically leave from the Moon.

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