A sculpture on the Moon

One million hands as a symbol of a gathered humanity in a common voyage to the Moon.

20 000 years ago we imprinted our hands on caves walls.
Today, we reproduce that gesture on VITAE  , the objective is  to deposit them on the Moon.

The artist has conceived Vitae in 2 main parts:
– The “Cocoon” on which will be engraved the « handprints of humanity » collected through exhibitions and social network.
– The “People” – symbol of a united humanity. Shape memory foam tested in space.

Captures of the Sun rays  sends back a beam of light in order to make the sculpture visible from the Earth at selected times.

The amplitudes in temperature on the Moon vary from -170°C to +120°C between a lunar night and a lunar day.
The heat from the sun  moves the shape memory alloy structure of the sculpture.
We have made the design scaleable so the sculpture in its stowed/compressed condition can be as small as 12cm diameter by 12cm high and deposited by a rover or very large and built into its own lander.


3D image : Gaël Perrin