An art odyssey

« Science and Art are the only effective messengers for peace, they tear down national barriers, they are far better assurances of international understanding than treaties. »

Albert Einstein



When I told Jean Audouze, the famous French Astrophysicist, about my project to deploy a sculpture on the moon, his only question was :
“Where on the moon do you wish to install the sculpture ?”
At that time the Odyssey could start.
A science and art project that would unite people of all continents with a participative sculpture, breathing and visible from Earth, enriched by a million handprints collected around the world.



  • Vitae 1 / Realisation of several iterations of the sculpture
  • Vitae 2 / First flight of Vitae to the Edge of space
    Weather ballon launched from Omaha Beach
    Saint-Laurent-sur-mer France October 30th 2012

  • Vitae 3 / The International Space Station (ISS)deployment/material test

February 19 2017, Cap Canaveral  Florida – Aboard SpaceX-10 Falcon 9 historical flight, a first mock-up of VITAE reaches the International Space Station (ISS), in order to be tested in micro-gravity by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

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French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet

Collection of handprints
Exhibitions of the scientific /artistic odyssey around the world

  • Vitae 4 Launch and Installation of Vitae on the Moon