Anilore Banon

The work of Anilore Banon celebrates the immense power of women and men to change their fate and bring the impossible within reach, putting them at the core of life and of her work. Anilore works the monumental – the monumental which allows her to be directly in contact with others, without advance notice. The monumental to provoke interrogation, surprise and emotion. Anilore Banon works with the settings, integral part of the story she tells.

The artistic work of Anilore begins at the postulate of her intentions. The intention, for what it expresses of remarkable and powerful, for the abstract, yet so anchored values she wants to bestow, for this impulse of life she aspires to express again and again, for the paths she decides to travel, the intention is already an artistic creation.

Anilore told the courage (The Braves installed in the sea on Omaha Beach), the upright man (The Doors of Light at the French Mint in Paris), the Words which, at the dawn of the third millennium, inspire a gathered humanity (The 10 Commandments installed Place Vendôme in Paris)…

Concerning Vitae Project :

– exhibition at Théâtre de la ville / Paris France  « Vitae au pays des merveilles » / « Vitae in Wonderland »
– exhibition Art Beijing / Pekin China