News June 18

News June 18

Dear all, Pioneers of VITAE !

Here are some news!

I would like to thank you for being part of this project. The project is getting everyday closer to the moon. This incredible artistic and scientific odyssey reminds us that everything is possible if we gather all our energies and talents.

We keep collecting hands all over the world.

Some examples:

We were proud to register last week, next to your hands, all the « petites mains » of the seamstresses, the talents and memory of the Christian Dior House.

We already have those of famous astrophysicists, of the Nobel prize for climatology, Lilian Thuram, of children of many elementary and primary schools, Antoine De Saint-Exupéry and his descendants, the king of Spain, the new brains of Oxford’s artificial intelligence and so many others.

Who would you like to add to this list?



On the technical side, we are achieving the Moonbox number 3: It is a test version of VITAE in a transparent dôme where the temperature conditions for the deployment of the sculpture are reproduced, thanks to these wonderful shape memory materials that give life to the sculpture…and to your hands.

We are working with space robotics engineers in England on this version, a very important step to achieve the final VITAE ! I am waiting for this Moonbox for end of June, and I will send you the news!

Furthermore, on 7 and 8 June, I will be in Caen and Omaha Beach in France, for the Normandy World Peace Forum. I was asked to participate as the sculptor of the monumental sculpture « Les Braves » in Omaha Beach, and also for the message of Peace, VITAE is carrying. There will be an exhibition « From the Braves to the Moon »

We will be registering more handprints there too. Join us !

I invite you to follow the daily project on social networks (Anilore Banon for Vitae Project) and share information because the success of this project will only be reached with You and thanks to You !


To the Moon!