Your hand on Vitae!

Help us get VITAE on the Moon, support the artistic odyssey!

How to get your handprint on Vitae?

Go on the dedicated website


You will be asked to follow these instructions :

> Step 1Enter your email address .

We’ll immediately send you a link to participate to the VITAE Project.

> Step 2 – Choose your participation

15 € contribution : Receive your personal e-certificate, signed by the artist.


30 € contribution : Receive your personal e-certificate and your e-print limited edition 250 ex signed by the artist.


550 € contribution : Your autographed  MONOGRAPHIE painted on Moon Mylar framed in painted transparent acrylique.

IMG_3510 (1)

> Step 3 – Take a picture of your hand open


Place your hand onto a white or united-colored background (so we can easily take its silhouette)
Take the picture (make sure it’s clearly defined)

> Step 4 – Fill in the form and send us your handprint by upload

Your hand will be registered, and you’ll receive your contribution soon after.


Click here to go on the dedicated website!