Lunar odyssey
Scientific team

Scientific team

VITAE PROJECT is an artistic project made possible by scientific contributions: engineers, astrophysicist, designers … The choice of materials, the necessary techniques for its transport into space and for its installation on the lunar soil are an integral part of the project.



Jean Audouze – Astrophysicist, Research Director Emeritus at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) Honorary President of the French National Commission for UNESCO President of Prévenance, France

SCOUTEK Ltd – Shaun Whitehead, UK, Technical director

DASSAULT SYSTEMES – Feasibility studies

INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY – Professor Chris Welch, Strasbourg,France
NIMESIS – Alain Hautecoeur Metz, France
MER FORTE – Michel Desjoyeaux, Denis Juhel, Port-La-Forêt, France
CMN – Pierre Balmer, Cherbourg, France
LASERLINES – Mark Tyrtania, UK


Cover image : Alain Dugousset / Dassault Systemes