Vitae on the Moon

One million hands, symbol of a gathered humanity, on the first deployable artwork on the Moon.

« Science and Art are the only effective messengers for peace, they tear down national barriers, they are far better assurances of international understanding than treaties. »

Albert Einstein

20 000 years ago we imprinted our hands on caves walls. Today, we reproduce that gesture on Vitae.

Vitae Project is a participative artwork, an art and science project seeking to unite people across the 5 continents. One million handprints are being collected during many encounters with the public on the 5 continents. All the handprints will be engraved on the sculpture before its journey to the Moon.

The sculpture Vitae is a real scientific and technical challenge : optic, thermic, and mecanichal. The materials used for the sculpture are kapton and nitinol, shape memory alloy of nickel and titanium, reacting to temperatures, opening and closing with the heat of the Sun (+150°C, – 150°C).

The sculpture is planed to be connected to Earth thanks to a beacon, activated in special occasions, and visible with a simple telescope.

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ANILORE BANON celebrates the vital energy and fights inaction and immobilism with monumental sculptures made alive by natural elements and sites. She works on metal, from steel to most-futuristic material, in a permanent will to provide life to her artworks  and to connect people.

Future-oriented artist, she creates her artworks at the frontier between reality and imaginary, transgressing the fine line between impossible and possible.

Anilore has told courage with « The Braves » installed on Omaha Beach swept by the tides, the standing man with “The Doors of Light “at the French Mint in Paris or the modern art museum of Nice, the Words which inspire humanity to unite with the “10 Commandments for a new millennium » installed  originally Place Vendôme in Paris then in the gardens of French Prime Minister residence Matignon for the “year of Fraternity”, in Italy on the traces of the famous Flaminia path in the gardens of Carsulae.

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Astrophysicist, Research Director Emeritus at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research),  Honorary President of the French National Commission for the UNESCO, President of the association Prévenance

« Both of the 21th century projects concerning Man’s direct exploration of our spatial environment are on one hand, the return of cosmonauts on the Moon – a long journey of about 400 000 km – and on the other hand a mission consisting of a manned flight to Mars, when the latter will be closest to Earth (55 million km, nevertheless!). Actually, these two projects are not independent one from the other, since this second journey should logically leave from the Moon.

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3D image : Alain Dugousset / Dassault Systèmes